Winter, Spring & Summer 

Leagues & Clubs

Thursday March 28th - May 2nd  at 7pm 

Nasty Neon 9 Pin

Must be 21 and up to bowl in this league

Cost $25 Per Person Per Week

Includes Food,

 1 pitcher of beer or Fountain Soda per team each week

1 Meal per bowler each week

2 Games of Bowling

Shoe Rental

Weekly Door Prize to 1 Lucky Bowler

Prize fund to top 3 Teams & Roll Off Winner

Tuesday Trio's 3 Part Series

Bowl in 1 or all 3 Series

Each series will have a payout

Series 1 The Short Shot

Cost $25 Per Person Per Week

Feb 13th- March 19th at 7pm

Includes prize fund and linage.

pattern for this league   

34 ft Modified Cheetah 

Payout on last night

Series 2 The Middle of the Road 

Cost $25 Per Person Per Week

March 26th-May 28th 7pm 

Includes prize fund and linage

pattern for this league  

39ft Modified Chameleon 

Payout on last night

Series 3 The Long Shot

Cost $25 Per Person Per Week

June 4th-July 30th  

Includes prize fund and linage

pattern for this league  


Payout on last night

Wednesday WingMan

Calling all Dynamic  duos ! Come join our new doubles league!

Batman & Robin, Bonnie & Clyde, Mario & Luigi or Thelma & Louise

 Any combination accepted!

April 3rd-July 31st at 7pm

$50 Per Team Per Week

2 Person any mix

3 Games per week

90% Handicap

Monday Lady's Social 

Feb 26th-April 29th at 7pm

Every Woman needs a night out with the girls why not make it 10!

Calling all Lady's in the Tri-State Area! Come join our short-term fun lady's social.

This league is open to any female bowler 18 and up.

Cost is $25 Per bowler per week.


2 games of bowling &, shoe rental, 

1 meal per person, 

1 drink per person (bottle, can, draft, well, or soda)

Weekly door prizes. Party on last night with payout to all participating teams


May 9th-June 27th 


Pizza Beer & Bowling🍕🎳🍻 

$25 Per Person Per week


2 Games of Bowling

Shoe Rental

1 large pizza per team

Weekly door prize for 1 lucky bowler

Prize fund for top 3 teams and end of the season roll off winner

la ru's leagues are always a good time!

Come join the party! 

We have leagues from beginner to pro and everyone in between!

Check out our upcoming leagues below!

?????Still UnsurE??????

Don't See Something that fits your vibe!


You can  create your own league!

Doubles, singles, trio, 4-Person and even 5 Person leagues. 

Contact us today to start your League!


Fall 2024 Leagues

Plan ahead and secure your spot for the 2024 Season.

Monday 7pm Lady's Doubles

Tuesday Trio's 

Wednesday Morning Lady's 

Wednesday Social

Thursday Early Risers' Coffee & Donuts

Thursday Night Pizza & Beer

Thursday Night Blind as A Bat

Thursday Night Bourbon Tour

Friday 4 Person Social 

Sunday Morning Challenge

Sunday Mixers (split Season 2 session league)